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Patagonia, Humans

Two different matters pointed my work during a month in Patagonia, Argentina, between March 11 and April 11 of 2004, the first one happened a few days after arrive to Mar del Plata city, I was taken photographs of fishermen on the breakwater when suddenly due to an imprudence I saw awfully how all my photographic equipment disappeared with a big roar and tremendous blows among the rocks, I thought it was the end of my trip. luckily next to me was «el flaco» Maguire, a Rosarino man of ireland ancestry, never the name of «flaco» (skinny) was so great truth, since literally introduced himself among the narrow fissure in the rocks and with the tip of his fingers recovered one after one all my cameras, and lens, after to look over all pieces, I realized that a fundamental piece of my equipment, the telephoto lens, had been broken and was unsuitable, that meant a tremendous disadvantage for me, but soon I took it as a challenge, and I decided replacing with imagination that technical trouble.

The second incident was, is, and will be for a long time deeper in its consequences, the same day of my arrival to Buenos Aires, ( March-11) ,again my friend Maguire, told me the horror which was being living in my country, Spain, after the mass murder of almost 200 people by terrorist attacks to the trains in Madrid, I could not believe it, I found myself morally sunk, I felt lost, but, even so, Claudio, Oriol, Santiago, and I went on with the work departing to Mar del Plata city, and from there to Patagonia. Almost a month later we had route about 12,000 Kms, they interviewed dozens of people, from the Andes mountains to the Atlantic sea, shooting a documentary film, and I photographing everything in front my eyes, I saw impossible landscapes under an amazing light, imposing nature in the middle of nowhere, hundreds and hundreds of Kms without any human shades and everywhere the wind, that particualry Patagonia symphony.

Once I was back in Barcelona, Spain, I was seeing the photographs and I realized that the challenge imposed by the lack of the telephoto lens was overcome , but, there was something flying over all images that troubled me, soon I knew what it was about, all my photos were impregnated of melancholy, at least I though so, then I knew them… were in my mind all the time, I could not forget the tragedy of Madrid, therefore I want dedicate this reportage to their memory, in somehow they made these images, in every photo they were in my mind, directing every shoot from my broken… heart.


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