Paco Feria

Thanks for visiting my personal web site.

My name is Paco Feria , I am a professional photojournalist  based next to Barcelona city in Spain.

Here you will see a little showcase of my work around the world. Subjects are wide and go either from personal histories about  people to classical travel pictures such as: Refugee camps, monuments, historical places, ancient civilizations, natural disasters, nature & wildlife, environment, traditional celebrations or events, cultures, people daily life, etc.

You can review the most recent work always through the Cover page available in the menu bar, but also, through the Galleries link you get easy access to  a showcase variety of my work classified in:  Porfolios, Photo-reportages & Photo-exhibitions

My goal is serve fresh work to any photo-buyer looking for personal style and exclusive pictures, therefore I have built a full featured Image bank / Agency  Travel Reportages.

There is where is marketed all my work around the World, pictures coming from completed or in process projects. You can choose license images either as RM ( Rights Managed ) or RF ( Royalty Free ) in order  to fit better your  needs, all of them ready for instants download after purchased online.

I invite you to take a look to in order to learn more about it. is hosted in our own servers and managed by special designed software which allows work with the latest online image tools. Sincerely I think that available work besides to it functionality will not disappoint you.

Finally I hope you enjoy the pictures shown here  in the same way as I did when shooting them.

Thanks again for sharing your time here.

Paco Feria / photojournalist.